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Dr. Anna Cornelia Beyer Publications


(accepted): Theory of Creation of Global Governance. Lanham: Lexington Books. 

(in progress): A Truly Global NATO: How to Abolish War between States and Nuclear Weapons. Bern: Peter Lang.

(2019): Health and Safety for Spirit Seers, Telepaths and Visionaries - Self-help for Schizophrenia. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press.

(2016): International Political Psychology. Explorations into a new discipline. London: Palgrave.

(2015): Prof. Kenneth Waltz’s Life and Thought: An Interview. Lulu.

(2014): Inequality and Violence. A Re-appraisal of Man, the State and War. London: Routledge.

(2010): Counterterrorism and International Power Relations: The EU and ASEAN in Hegemonic Global Governance. London: IB Tauris/Macmillan.

(2008): Violent Globalisms – Conflict in Response to Empire. London: Routledge.

(2006): Die amerikanische Strategie im “War of Terror” (The United States Strategy in the “War of Terror”). Münster: LIT Verlag.

Edited works

With Bauer, Michael (2009): Effectively Countering Terrorism: The Challenges of Prevention, Preparedness, and Response. Eastbourne: Sussex Academic Press.

(2006-2011): International Relations – students’ perspectives. a biannual journal, www.irjournal.net. 

With Segbers, Klaus (eds., 2001): ‘Global Risks, eine Bestandsaufnahme’. Working paper of the East European Institute, Free University of Berlin. Available at: http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~segbers/working_papers.html.

Journal articles

(under review): A truly global NATO. Survival.

(Accepted): Some suggestions for the treatment of Schizophrenia. Brain Disorders and Therapy. 

(Accepted): Toxicity as a potential cause for Schizophrenia. EC Emergency and Critical Care. 

(Accepted): Schizophrenia - the Coffee and Nicotine connection. EC Psychology and Psychiatry. 

(Accepted): War and Global Governance Evolution over the Long Duree. Humanities and Social Sciences. 

(Accepted): The Battle Deaths of Peace Time: Macro-scoiological and -political causes of Suicides. Social Sciences.

(Accepted): Coping with Schizophrenia. Journal of Emergency and Internal Medicine. 

(Accepted): Notes from the land of psychosis. EC Psychology and Psychiatry.

(2018): Peace in International Relations. Peace Review, 30:1, 87-94. 

(2018): Abolishing the Security Dilemma: Why we need to integrate the militaries. Cambridge Review of Eurasian Studies. 10 January 2018. DOWNLOAD HERE

(2018): Holistic Healing for Hearing Voices: Self-Care for Patients with Schizophrenia. EC Neurology, 8:3, 91-99.

(2017): Why we need International Political Psychology. Asia Pacific Journal of Advanced Business and Social Studies, invited, 4:1, 393-401. 

(2017): World Polity: Anatomy of and arguments for regional and global integration. International Journal for Business and Social Sciences, 8:3, 32-50.

(2017): Theory of Telepathy and Tips for Recovery from Psychosis. NeuroQuantology, 15:2, 145-159. 

(2015): A hopeful tale from the wonderland of psychosis. NPJ Schizophrenia. (a Nature journal). Online: http://www.nature.com/articles/npjschz201515. 

(2015): Voices, their origin, and ways to address them: two propositions and a 
resolution. Psychosis. 7:2, 186-191.

(2015): An emergency plan for schizophrenia relapse. Psychosis. 7:1, 92-95.

(2015): Schizophrenia: Nutrition and Alternative Treatment Approaches. Schizophrenia Bulletin. 42:5, 1083-1085.

(2015): Global Integration as an Antidote to Crisis. World State Journal. Online: http://www.worldstatedebate.com. 

(2015): Insights from Para-Psychology and Applications to International Relations. Peace Review, 27:4, 484-491.

(2014): The Middle Eastern Eagle: How the MENA Region can Rise. International Relations and Diplomacy, 2:2, 144-149.

(2012): Ways Forward in Global Counterterrorism. Journal of International Affairs Online. Online: http://jia.sipa.columbia.edu/ways-forward-global-counterterrorism.

(2012): Continuity and Change: Hegemonic Governance in International Relations. Perspectives on Global Issues, 6:1, pp. 47–49.

(2009): Hegemony, Equilibrium and Counterpower: A Synthetic Approach. International Relations, 23:3, pp. 411–427.

(2008): Understanding and Explaining International Terrorism. Human Security Journal, No. 7, pp. 62–77.

(2008): Causes for participation in hegemonic governance. Alternatives – Turkish Journal of International Relations,7:1, pp. 64–91.

(2008): The European Union as a Security Policy Actor – The Case of Counterterrorism. European Foreign Affairs Review, No. 13, pp. 293–315.

(2007): Non-Governmental Organizations as Motors of Change. Government and Opposition, 42:4, pp. 513–535.

(2007): ASEAN Counterterrorism and Causes. Panorama, 1/2007, pp. 83–94. 

(2007): Zur Strategie der Vereinigten Staaten gegen den Terrorismus. Wissenschaft und Frieden, 5:1, pp. 29–32.

(2006): Die “War on Terror”-Rhetorik auf dem Prüfstand (’The war on Terror-rhetoric put to test’). Österreichische Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaften (Austrian Journal of Political Science), No 1, pp. 93–107.

(2006): A presentation of Emanuel Adler’s Concepts of Integration. Alternatives – Turkish Journal of International Relations, 4:3, pp. 1–20.

(2005): Conspiracy theories on September 11th. Sicherheit und Frieden, 23:1, pp. 35–39. 

Book chapters

(under review, invited): On Syria: How to achieve peace long-term. (submitted to Cambridge University for an edited volume following a conference on Syria). 

(2014): On Inequality and Violence. In: Ramirez, Martin et al. (eds): Broader Perspectives on Violence, Aggression and Terrorism. Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 50-64.

(2012): Hegemony and Power in the Global War on Terrorism. In: Fels, Enrico et al. (eds): Power in the 21st Century – International Security and International Political Economy in a Changing World. London: Springer, pp. 29–42. [Arabic translation in progress].

(2010): Hegemony, Equilibrium and Counterpower: A Synthetic Approach. Published in Booth, Ken (ed.): Realism and world politics. (London: Routledge), pp. 232–248.

(2007): Anmerkungen zur Terrorismusbekämpfung (‘Remarks on Counterterrorism’). Published in: Kron, Thomas and Reddig, Melanie (eds.): Analysen des transnationalen Terrorismus. Soziologische Perspektiven. Baden-Baden: Nomos, pp. 59–83.

(2007): Deeskalation statt strukturelle Gewalt (’De-escalation, not structural violence’). Reprint in: Gellner, Winand and Reichinger, Martin (eds.): Die neuen deutschamerikanischen Beziehungen: Nationale Befindlichkeiten zwischen supranationalen Visionen und internationalen Realitäten. Baden-Baden: Nomos, pp. 173–182. 

With Neyer, Jürgen (2004): Globales Regieren. Published in: Göhler, Gerhard et al. (eds.): Politische Theorie: 22 Umkämpfte Begriffe - Eine Einführung in die politische Theorie der Gegenwart. Opladen: Leske + Budrich, pp. 173–189.

Miscellaneous works 

(2018): A truly global NATO, an Early Warning System for War, and a global Welfare State. International Affairs Forum.

(2017): In defense of Europe. International Affairs Forum.

(2016): Interview on Brexit with Radio Humberside.

(2016): Interview on Brexit with the Spanish newspaper El Pais. 

(2016): On the US Presidential Elections. International Affairs Forum.

(2015): A Global NATO. International Affairs Forum, republished in International Policy Digest.

(2015): What to do about Syria? International Affairs Forum, republished in International Policy Digest.

(2014): Human nature, international hierarchies and ISIS. International Affairs Forum.

(2014): Malala’s revolution. International Affairs Forum, republished in Modern Diplomacy and Strategy International. (This piece attracted more than 1000 views). 

(2014): Unglueck und Ungleichheit. FriedensForum.

(2014): Minds, Bodies and Feminism. International Affairs Forum.

(2014): “Laender mit mehr Gleichheit sind generell gluecklicher”. Interview on Inequality and Violence republished in Friedenspolitischer Ratschlag.

(2014): A Reply to Mearsheimer. International Affairs Forum. Republished in Strategy International and ISN Blog, republished in Indian Strategic Studies.

(2013): Interview on Inequality and Violence, International Affairs Forum. Republished in Strategy International and on the Blog of the School of Politics, Philosophy and International Studies, University of Hull.

(2013): Interview on Inequality and Violence, BBC Humberside.

(2013): Women and the Bolsheviks. International Affairs Forum.

(2013): Interview with Wolfgang Beyer on the GDR Peace Movement. International Affairs Forum. Republished in Strategy International and on the Blog of the School of Politics, Philosophy and International Studies, University of Hull.

(2012): Continuity and Change: Hegemonic Governance in International Relations. International Affairs Forum.

(2012): Perspectives on Oslo. International Affairs Forum.

(2012): Ways Forward in Global Counterterrorism. International Affairs Forum.

(2012): Fear and Consensus in Hegemonic Governance. Journal on Southeastern European Security Strategy and Transatlantic Leadership.

(2011): ‘Sicherheit’ zehn Jahre nach 9/11. Friedensforum.

(2011): Interview on international security after 9/11. BBC Humberside.

(2010): Book Review: Athina Karatzogianni and Andrew Robinson, Power, Resistance and Conflict in the Contemporary World: Social Movements, Networks and Hierarchies. Millennium – Journal of International Studies.

(2009): Interview on the fall of the Berlin Wall, 1989, BBC Humberside.

(2008): A Responsible American Foreign Policy. Friendespolitischer Ratschlag.

(2007): A Marshall Plan for the Middle East? Friedenspolitischer Ratschlag.

(2007): Zur US Strategie gegen den Terrorismus. Friedenspolitischer Ratschlag.

(2006): Strukturelle Gewalt als Ursache fuer Terrorismus. Friedenspolitischer Ratschlag.

(2006): Deeskalation statt strukturelle Gewalt. Politik im Netz.

(2005): US and EU Policy in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict. Friedenspolitischer Ratschlag

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