Dr. Anna Cornelia Beyer
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Dr. Anna Cornelia Beyer Selected Publications


2016: International Political Psychology: Explorations into a new discipline. London: Palgrave.

2015: Kenneth Waltz's Life and Thought. An Interview. Lulu.

2014: Inequality and Violence: A Re-appraisal of Man, the State and War. London: Routledge.

2010: Counterterrorism and International Power Relations: The EU, ASEAN and Hegemonic Global Governance. London: IB Tauris.

2008: Violent Globalisms: Conflict in Response to Empire. London: Routledge.

2006: Die Strategie der Vereinigten Staaten im War of Terror. Muenster: LIT Verlag.

Edited Works

2009: Effectively Countering Terrorism: The Challenges of Prevention, Preparedness and Response (with Michael Bauer). Eastbourne: Sussex Academic Press.


2018: Why we need International Political Psychology. Asia Pacific Journal of Advanced Business and Social Studies, 4:1, 393-401. 

2018: Abolishing the Security Dilemma: Why we need to integrate the militaries. Cambridge Review of Eurasian Studies, 2018:2, #93EAZO. 

2017: World Polity: Anatomy of and arguments for global and regional integration. International Journal for Business and Social Sciences, 8:3, 32-50. 

2017: Peace in International Relations. Peace Review. 30:1, 87-94.

2015: Insights from Parapsychology and Applications to International Relations. Peace Review. 27:4, 484 - 491.

2015: Global Integration as an Antidote to Crisis. www.worldstatedebate.com

2012: Continuity and Change: Hegemonic Governance in International Relations. In: Perspectives on Global Issues, 6:1, 47-49.

2009: Hegemony, Equilibrium and Counterpower: A Synthetic Approach. In: International Relations, 23:3, 411-427.

2008: The European Union as a Security Policy Actor - The Case of Counterterrorism. In: European Foreign Affairs Review, 13, 293-315.

2007: Non-Governmental Organizations as Motors of Change. In: Government and Opposition, 42:4, 513-535.

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