Dr. Anna Cornelia Beyer
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I am an IR scholar in urgent need of employment, previously Senior Lecturer, University of Hull, Hull, UK working on 

- IR Theory
- International Political Psychology 
- Peace
- Security 

Since 2001, I have been researching in the area of International Relations/ Security Studies. Since 2010, I have developed a keen interest in Psychology, which has recently culminated in the book “International Political Psychology: Explorations into a new discipline”. 

For the future, I will focus on the theme of Peace in various dimensions, from gender to security. Importantly, I wish to establish the idea of a truly global NATO, a truly global military alliance, similar to, but below, the UN. 

'truly visionary''pioneering' An anonymous reviewer

View my recent 
Peace Proposal here.

'paradigm shifting' An anonymous reviewer

"I think you have written a very powerful argument for broadening the entire sphere of international relations to reflect more closely the sciences of human experience in its fullness" PMH Atwater