Dr. Anna Cornelia Beyer
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I am an IR scholar, previously Senior Lecturer, University of Hull, Hull, UK working on 

- IR Theory
- International Political Psychology 
- Peace
- Security 
- Schizophrenia/ Spirituality/ Psychology


After decades of study of war, I come to the following conclusion: 

War happens because money runs out somewhere and people start to fight each other for cash, food and sex and power and some people run away from that.

That's all that always happened. 

'truly visionary''pioneering' An anonymous reviewer

On 25. April 2021 I founded the PEACE ACADEMY (link: here).

'paradigm shifting' An anonymous reviewer

"I think you have written a very powerful argument for broadening the entire sphere of international relations to reflect more closely the sciences of human experience in its fullness" PMH Atwater