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​I had a 'vision' today: Revenge is WRONG! Those who seek revenge cause war and might die in war. Love and Understanding are right, and bring justice. 

My colours and the flag I am a citizen of. It's not the devils sign. It's the anti-war sign. 

A truly global NATO is out now! Available from Peter Lang.

If it was possible to abolish slavery, it should be possible to abolish war! Topic of my next book, scheduled for 2020 to 2023. Proposal here: Here.

2017: PI for a project on Mental Health, Art and Migration funded by the Wellcome Trust and Hull City of Culture. 

Please help me with my new project: a survey on the global demos (global citizenship): Survey here.

My book International Political Psychology is out now!

On the US Presidential elections. Read here.

A Global NATO. Read here.

What to do about Syria? Read here.

Interviews with Ken Waltz finally published. Purchase here

'Malala's Revolution;'read here

'Reply to Mearsheimer', read here

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My new book 'Inequality and Violence' is finally out. 

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