Dr. Anna Cornelia Beyer
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A truly global NATO
Dr. Anna Cornelia Beyer Research
Evolution of War and Governance
Holistic Healing for Schizophrenia
The idea for a truly global NATO - a truly global military alliance - is historically new. It could help abolish the Security Dilemma, abolish war and help abolish nuclear weapons. I am currently in the process of writing a monograph about this idea. We are also in the process of seeking research funding for further developing this idea. More information here: www.globalnato.homesteadcloud.com 
War and governance have evolved in periods of expansion and contraction. Waves of war were followed with waves of global institutionalisation and integration, repeatedly over recent history. This research wants to follow these 'evolutionary' processes. The first step in this research is a monograph titled Theory of Creation of Global Governance contracted with Lexington Press. 
Since 2010 I have been actively researching alternative treatments for severe mental illness. Myself a patient with schizophrenia, I have tested nutritional approaches, orthomolecular medicine, spirituality, and lifestyle adaptations with good success. The recent outcome of this research is the monograph Health and Safety for Spirit Seers, Telepaths and Visionaries - Selfhelp for Schizophrenia