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About Dr. Anna Cornelia Beyer
I was born in Eastern Germany. My parents were both academics, one in fashion (yikes) one in construction. The state wanted to take me away to go to a special school, but this would have led into a state career and I did not want that because we did not trust the state. And, I wanted to be with my parents instead. We were kicked out before the wall came down and settled in Munich after a dramatic refugee experience. I am a pacifist at heart. Always was, only not against fascism. I avoided politics at school (I lived in Bavaria, they avoid it at school). I speak 6 languages: French, Spanish, English, Russian and Latin. German is my mother tongue. After school, I decided against a too early marriage and went on a charity trip to Nicaragua, where I decided I want to study the world and it's problems and help find solutions. This has become my passion. I want to be an IR scholar and find good solutions for world problems. I had spiritual experiences that developed into schizophrenia. I am ferociously arguing that schizophrenia is a spiritual matter. But that's not always a problem and I worked at Hull University for 12 years without nearly any sickleave and had the privilege to study the great wars and think about how to solve that problem. I am good at writing books. I cook. I have a liking of red wine, which sometimes makes me shout. I cylced and learned skiing (never owned a car, not interested enough and too busy in my mind). I love to travel. I need an academic place where I can write. I have a loving longterm partner for the first time in my life. We don't want to marry because I don't want kids, but we want to spend our lives together. He said he is ok with no kids. (I am sterilised anyhow and in menopause). 

Really need help finding a good academic place! I am only good at writing books with good ideas.

To the best of my knowledge (I swear!) I am NOT a Russian or German spy, don't want to be a politician (yikes, but I love it when women go into politics), and I had spiritual experiences that made me commit to working for peace.